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Preliminary exercises for Astral Projection

Remain still in your place/chair/seat IN A SITTING POSITION with your eyes closed. Make the body perfectly still. Become aware that your body is still. Focus on your breath. You will notice that with each inhalation your body seems to be expanding. And with each exhalation your body appears to be contracting.

It is peculiar though. because your physical body is not moving it is still and stiff as a statue. It is your astral body that you experience expanding and contracting.

As you observe this contraction and expansion process, it will gradually become more and more profound. After some time you will begin to Iose awareness of the physical body, and you will only be observing the astral body directly. However, the degree or contraction will become more pronounced.

Eventually you will reach a stage where. on contraction, the astral body reduces to the single point of light.


Close your eyes and breathe normally.

Feel the soft touch of a divine hand lying on your head. The hand is infusing subtle energy into your body and mind and the energy’ is traveling down from the crown of your head (7th Chakra) through the spinal passage. You may experience it as wave of cold, heat, energy, electric current, or as a stream of wind or liquid. Its passage will result in vibrations, shock, jerks or tickling sensations, which goes through you.

When the energy has reached mooladhara (I st Charka) again bring your awareness on the stillness or your body.


Astral Conduction

You have realized your astral body as a single point of light. Now look closer at the point of light and you will see it take the form of a golden egg. As you watch this golden egg, it will begin to expand.

The golden egg is luminous and glowing intensely; however, it dose not give off any rays of light.

As the golden egg becomes larger, it will begin to take on the same shape as that of your astral and physical bodies. This form, however, is not a material or even a subtle form. This form is glowing light. It is your causal self (Astral body). Create the protective shell around your body. (as taught)


NOW direct this body (same as yours) to any particular place. Remember it can pass any material object. Distance and time is meaningless.



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