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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Anxiety

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Anxiety

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Anxiety

cognitive behavioral therapy for Anxiety

  • this type of therapy is great for people who suffer from anxiety depression or social anxiety if it allows you to
  • change the way you think shifting the automatic negative thoughts and replacing them with more realistic and
  • less subjective beliefs this will give you a tool you can use whenever you’re in a situation where you feel
  • uncomfortable and even anxious so what is cognitive behavioral therapy in cognitive therapy there is a famous
  • model this reflects how you experience certain situations and how it the connection between your thoughts
  • your feelings your body and your pay attention when get an instant and automatic thought this sort determines
  • how you’re going to respond to the situation so if your automatic thought is negative and would even self doubt
  • and insecurity since that will affect the way you feel how your body is reacting and how you’re going to react to
  • it in cognitive behavioral therapy we focus entirely on controlling your thoughts as bad as the only thing you’re
  • able to shift and work with so what are automatic soap automatic sort of the first source that comes to you
  • automatically when you in a certain situation these thoughts can be both positive or negative and they
  • are reflections of your past experiences in similar situations and what you think about yourself these folks will
  • come instantly and you may not be even fully aware of them as they quickly cause a chain reaction affecting
  • your feelings and your body making you either feel confident and excited or fearful and insecure what are
  • schemers your scheme is are the subconscious people the beliefs you have about yourself in the world these
  • the leaves are created for childhood and through your life and they control how you feel in new situations your
  • schemas are the result of past experiences and the reflect how you’re going to experience new related situations
  • these skene was also reflect how you see yourself and what you think about yourself with you see yourself
  • as challenges and competent for you see yourself as inferior and not good enough gold due to past experiences
  • the scheme if you have created over the years are controlling your life and how you approach new things and
  • situations your schemas are there by your reality and your personal perspective of which you perceive the
  • world so how do you use cognitive behavioral therapy there are different techniques and methods you can use
  • but one very effective and popular method is the alternative sort method here you will replace the way you
  • think with something more realistic and logical looking at your situation from a distance and reflecting on
  • these automatic thoughts you have so let us try this exercise

Do this Exercise Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Anxiety

  • Take a piece of paper and divided into five categories at the top right situations thoughts feelings top right
  • situations,thoughts, feelings, body and behavior now at the first category the situation write down a situation
  • that has happened recently that made you feel uncomfortable in some way the right down the automatic
  • thought you were having in the next category what thoughts popped nto your mind then the next category do i
  • found some boards on how this make you feel in the situation not now if you reflect on it but in that very
  • situation send in the next category you like how your body reacted to these thoughts and feelings you were
  • experiencing and at last you write how this affected your behavior an example could be something like this the
  • situation you are going to speak in public holding a short speech that our wedding dinner but many of
  • the guests didn’t even look at you and some were looking really bored while others were even starting to yawn
  • your thoughts you thought what they hate is your speech and they probably sold you were boring and an
  • uninteresting person they do not like you and do not see you as an important person your feelings you began to
  • feel nervous and uncertain you felt insecure and upset your body you began to feel your heart racing and you
  • began to so hot you could feel you were blushing and you have some noise for shaking your eyes even begin to
  • tear up from nervousness your behavior you wash through your speech missing important part of it and unable
  • to finish it the rest of the evening you were quiet and kept to yourself while people kept asking you if you were
  • okay now turn the paper around and on the back make four  categories alternative thoughts feelings body and
  • behavior here you’re going to come up with a more logical explanation step out of the frame for a
  • moment imagine that it is a friend was just shared his or her story what would you say to your friend in the first
  • category alternative folks come up with alternatives and more rational thought  these

  • alternative shows are simply other ways to perceive and interpret the situation from a less personal
  • and emotional point of view so to continue the example instead of thinking that the guest thought you were
  • unimportant and uninteresting is it possible that they were just really tired especially if you were the last
  • person to hold the speech come up with several alternatives or and then find one that you actually could believe
  • in such as the guests were just really tired from a long day then in the next category write down how that
  • would make you feel such you’re probably not make you feel upset but the rather understanding in the next
  • category right how that would affect your body you will probably not feel much in your body other than just
  • your normal nervousness of speaking in public and lastly how will this affect your actions and behavior you
  • would have been able to complete your speech and maybe even improvise a bit this method will help you shift
  • your mindset and allow you to look at the situation from a distance with new objective eyes as you practice this
  • technique it becomes easier for you to actually use it in the situation itself and not only as a tool of reflection
  • this will allow you to instantly shift your soul reprogramming your mind and helping you replace all the leaves
  • that have nothing to do with reality but everything to do with your schemas and your subconscious mind.
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