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Communicate With Your Higher Self

How to Communicate With Your Higher Self
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How to Communicate With Your Higher Self ?

you might want to call this spirit or the universe like to say the universe, but whatever you call it’s when you tap into this faster perspective, this faster and wiser perspective then your simple ego. you can even do it wrong but you can’t meditate wrong and you can’t communicate with your higher self wrong.there’s something about spiritual quote-unquote spiritual endeavors that we often take way too seriously,spirit is a part of us just like every other just like our flesh and bones spirit is a part of us and so talking to spirit and communing and meditating, these are all things that we need to take much less seriously in fact the more fun we have and the more we approach it from an intuitive comfortable place I believe the better the flow of communication will be so.

Suggestion For How to Communicate With Your Higher Self ?

get started and really communicating,with your higher self or the universe,whatever you want to call this aspect this faster aspect so the first thing is don’t take it so seriously. Which is obviously what I just said don’t take it so seriously be playful you don’t get super serious every time you’re going to talk to your neighbor or your spouse right you just talk to them so it’s just communication second not only don’t take it seriously make it fun look for lots of tools there’s all kinds of divination cards, you can use and if you do use rules of the cards, get you too caught up, just play with them the way that you like them I really like the goddess,Flip a coin ask question on head and tail what will be the answer when tail or head comes,Take a Notepad or journal start writing about yourself question and give positives answer This How to Communicate With Your Higher Self  Do it for joy. It also Help you to increase Vibrational Frequency    

What Does Your HIGHER SELF Want?

what your soul thinks you need can be different to what you’re human itself thinks you need you’ll hear on a journey of learning and experience your soul or higher self has projected you into this reality you experienced multiple infinite timelines different,incarnations that’s different our perceived future and past incarnations and all matter of different,existences different planets layers of existence planes of existence dimensions or what-have-you things we can’t even perceive you are yawns old if not more and you’ve been lots of different forms you’ve looked in many mirrors and before that you’ve taken animal forms and plant forms,you are older than you know and you experienced more than you know so on this journey this incarnation you may have a particular purpose there may be some sort of karma to work off when it say karma it don’t mean it’s a punishment, it mean something that you need to do because you’ve experienced say the opposite of it in in another lifetime.

For example someone you’re incarnated with now wronged you in a previous life so in this life it’s your turn to wrong.then perhaps there’s lots and lots of infinite variations different possibilities now your higher self knows all this it’s the culmination of you every single you that you’ve been in every possible existence is your higher self your higher self is you far and distant future which you can’t even imagine if time really exists it’s very wide and progressed and because time doesn’t exist and that we experience in this linear fashion that we do here and as it said there’s many versions of you the higher self could be considered the highest version of you the absolute culmination of you and it sends out personnel.

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