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Communication and influence

Communication and influence
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Communication and influence

Communication and influence or influencing skill 
Communication is included in the practical cooperation between people provides planning and oversees their activities. However, special human communication satisfies the need for contact with other people. Meeting this need, which appeared in the process of social and historical development of the people, due to the emergence of a sense of joy. The desire to communicate is often occupies an important and sometimes leading place among the motives that impel people to practice together.
Communication with other people develops gradually. Its premise is to concentrate the reaction occurring in infants in the first days of his life when dealing with an older one of the first signs of these contacts is a child smile in response to adult affection.

In the social sciences Communication and influence the person is treated as a special quality of a person acquired them in the social and cultural environment in the process of collaboration and communication. The humanistic, psychological concepts lichnost- a person as a value for which the society. With all the variety of approaches to understanding personality is traditionally divided into the following aspects of the problem: the diversity of the phenomenology of the person reflecting objectively existing diversity of human manifestations in the evolution of nature, history, society and his own life and others.

This topic is interesting because all the people is an act of communion, an act of interacting with others. In this sense, the appearance of man is no exception. For example: short skirt, bright makeup, jewelry, as if to say “I am attractive and would not mind to meet”; Formal wear warns: “There are no liberties.”

This theme in life is useful for any person, even if the person is alone, he will draw strength in the memories of near and dear to him people who will help him survive the advice given once friends, and information from the read first book, because in his memory live poems, short stories, poems and fairy tales.

Obschenie- a process of mutual exchange of thoughts and emotions between people, in other words, the exchange of information with their direct interpersonal contact or group. Obosoblenie- this internal selection himself as a person of generality belongs identity due to reaching a certain level of consciousness.

Personality development communication –

likening himself in something other people as a result of communication and distinguish themselves from other persons as a result of the process of separation. Moreover, historical analysis indicates that communication and separation occur in close unity with each other, for without each one of them is obviously impossible the development of society and the individual. But the essence of these processes is the opposite.

Coming in a variety of community, a person acts in them as a subject and as an object of communication. That is, in the process of communication, he has been influenced by others and, in turn, has an impact on them.

For communication requires at least three elements:

A person who speaks.
Speech, which that person says.
A person who listens to these words.
Every individual who enters into communion not only send certain signals containing certain information about his thoughts, feelings and actions, but also receives information from those individuals with whom he communicates. When communicating the individual not only corrects itself, but also enriched with a new understanding and the knowledge of various aspects of those with whom he interacts, a man draws new information about himself, which allows him to operate with it in order to adapt their personality to the environment.

Human-being public, therefore it can only manifest itself in obschestve- in the communication process. As a result, there is the influence of society on the individual. Man in society is behaving in a certain way, displaying some qualities of his personality. Availability of individual qualities and characteristics that distinguish this individual from others, is closely connected with the process of isolation of the individual in society. For entering a different society, a person learns the elements of their rules, but does not absorb any of these communities. Personality becomes the bearer of social relationships to a greater extent than the more prone it is to the isolation of a particular community, and the more it to isolation in a particular community, and the more it is ready to join the other community.

On the other hand, individual development is impossible without communication. Therefore, the success of individual human development depends not only and not so much from the device directly to its environment. This is one of the conditions for the most complete possible manifestation of all the wealth of the individual personality, all its authentic human traits and abilities.

Educational function of communication

Communication and influence for students is an exchange of spiritual values, which occurs in the form of student dialogue as “other self”, and in the process of interaction with other people. This is characterized by the exchange of age-specific features, and to a certain extent pedagogically directed influence on the development and livelihoods of groups, collectives and individual student.

Communication is not only an independent sphere of life of schoolchildren, and it pervades all other spheres. This determines the important role that communication plays in the process of formation and functioning of the individual. This explains the interest in this phenomenon, the desire to reveal his role in shaping the personality of its educational opportunities.

Educational functions of communication students:

Regulatory – reflects the development of the pupils norms of behavior.
Cognitive – reflecting the acquisition of individual experience of students in the process of communication.
Emotional – reflective dialogue as an affective process.
Actualize – reflects the realization in the communion of typical and individual sides of the individual student.
The close relationship between the individual structures and processes of communication leads to the fact that the breach of communion will inevitably cause changes in personality, and vice versa. The connection of the individual changes and violations communication is qualitatively different depending on which element of the communication process mainly broken. This relationship can serve as a support in the process of restoring identity and communication. Optimal communication organization creates conditions for the action of the individual, the growth of its consciousness to deal with inadequate motives and attitudes, to convert the dynamic semantic structures of the individual.

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