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Hidden Truth About Dysfunctional Relationships

Dysfunctional Relationship

Hidden Truth About Dysfunctional Relationships

Some relationships are troubled from the start—and we know it. But the deeply dysfunctional ones, the ones we get subtly and unwittingly enmeshed in that have the potential to shatter our lives, tend to start off smoothly and are often dreamy at the beginning. You know, that feeling of, “Oh my God, I’m so lucky. I’ve actually found the perfect partner who loves everything about me—and thinks I have no faults at all!” When this happens, watch out. You’re so head-over-heels in love that you may fail to see the warning signs—some small like a pebble in your shoe that you dismiss as minor, some glaring like giant red flags flapping in the wind that you blissfully ignore—that you’re strapping yourself into a demonic roller coaster for a life-threatening ride.

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