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How to Never Run out of Things to Say

Run out of Things to Say

How to Never Run out of Things to Say Keep a Conversation

That moment the dreaded silence both of you have stopped talking now it’s that moment the dreaded silence both of  to say.

How to Fix it?

There are simple Step you can use in every single conversation to never run out of things to say.

what happens if you run out of things to say in a conversation what do you do sometimes it can get really awkward you know you’re talking and the conversation seems to be going fine and then all of a sudden you’re not talking anymore you get that panic inside and they’re not talking you’re not talking one of you might even say awkward that’s the worst I’m gonna teach you away on how to not have that happen the point is that most people in a conversation view it as a single road that has a start and it has a finish that’s not our conversations are when you’re talking to someone it’s more like an arterial road with dozens of intersection sprinkled  out in between these intersections where you come to a point in the conversation and you can either choose to steer it right left forward backwards however are called jump off points it’s so simple, we’re gonna walk through a few of these so you can understand them and look for them in your conversations but if we understand these will never run out of anything to say.

Example someone says real war old scenario I heard the other day said i don’t really like seattle it’s getting too crowded I feel like all the tech workers are taking over now look at that statement that might be kind of hard to  respond to out of nowhere you just say the tech workers are taking over boom conversation done there’s the awkward silence let’s dissect that statement a little further and find all these jump off points we can go into the jump off points we could talk about Seattle we could talk about getting too crowded we could talk,

about the tech workers all three of those are different little intersections we could go down and steer the conversation and thus opening it up to dozens of minutes of endless fun conversation when you hear Seattle you could say where do you want to live elsewhere when you hear them mention too crowded you could go into they don’t like tons of people when you hear the word tech workers you could ask them about their occupation and that they don’t work in tech even if you want to get really a combative you could ask them why don’t they like tech workers.

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