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kundalini meditation

kundalini meditation

Kundalini The concept of Kundalini comes from yogic philosophy of ancient hindus and refers to the mothering intelligence behind yogic awakening and spiritual

Kundalini is most often awaken through Yoga meditation – which include Mantra Yoga, Hatha Yoga,  or Kriya Yoga. I have prepared a Kundalini meditation to help you on your path should Yoga not be available to you.

To prepare for this meditation – you might want to tape record the words on this page to listen to as your move through the meditation. Please speak slowly and softly. Kundalini is to tapping your higher consciousness which is connected to universal mind your mind.

Allow lots of time for the meditation – As you will need to relax when you are finished.

You may want to listen to music or be in a quiet place – or be in nature.

Kundalini energy is not recognized by medical science, and is often little understood even among teachers of Yoga

Kundalini can be “awakened” or “rises at the base of your spine by intense kundalini meditaion or intense breath control practices. Hatha Yoga and Tantra Yoga, in their traditional forms, are designed to arouse kundalini so that the practitioner can use the tremendous energy thus released to increase the potency of his or her meditation and other spiritual practices.

kundalini meditaion For Hindu

kundalini meditaion For buddah

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