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Mental and psychological

Mental and psychological
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Mental and psychological infantilism

Mental and psychological infantilism characterized not by external manifestations and causes of occurrence.

Outwardly, they look like – and there, and there is so much children’s traits in the behavior, thinking and emotional reactions, it does not meet the age requirements for a child (teenager, young man, supposedly adult).

The difference is that in one case it is a consequence of the backlog, delays in the child’s mental development. The child is nothing to be old enough, it can not be otherwise. It – mental infantilism. An adult with a mental infantilism – Infante .

In another case, the child is completely healthy and without gaps psyche, be enough (for his age) adults can theoretically quite, but almost do not. This – the psychological infantilism. Adult man with psychological infantilism – a man-child .

Like almost tell where the mental and psychological infantilism where?

In the early signs of infantilism, reduction of behavioral motivations are revealed with difficulty. Therefore, on the mental infantilism usually speak only from school and adolescence, when the relevant features are beginning to speak more clearly.

Typical infantile children are prevalence of gambling interests on education, rejection of school situations and related disciplinary requirements. This leads to school exclusion, and in the future – and to social problems.

Infantile children are very different from the mentally retarded or autistic. They are characterized by a high level of abstract logical thinking, the ability to transfer learned concepts to new specific tasks more productive and independent. The dynamics of the emerging intellectual failure in infantilism characterized by favorable with a tendency to smooth out disturbances of cognitive activity.

Simple infantilism be distinguished from disharmonious, which may lead to psychopathy.

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