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Psychic Reading

Psychic Reading
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Psychic Reading

is the Reading of knowing  your own extra ordinary abilities By using Human Basic sense Tough sound taste and smell. These natural abilities are esp Extrasensory perception  called six sense are clairvoyance  clairsentience , Claircognisance  and Clairaudience  These abilities create result of your present further healing past knowing some secret after attempt of  psychic reading

Psychic Reading  is Also consider As Pseudoscience or pharanormal Based

Mentalist and Fortune telling such kind of activities produce specific information about social cue and statements

There are several type of Psychic Reading 



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Is the study of ancient  that how star and planets effect our lives .The position of stars, planet,moon,sun  when someone is born believed to have effect on one personality  and it may effect on relationship economic success health and wealth even also help to predict the further.

Aura reading :

Aura reading

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Aura reading is the monitoring and exposition of aura .The aura electro-magnetic field energy surrounding human body The best way of aura reading is to feel or to sense the human aura seeing aura is the unique ability of person however aura can not be seen through human eye perhaps it can be feel or sense in a group. The feeling of aura is creepy , fear , anger, joy depends of person personality what he think and releasing energy in his daily life so thinking effect your aura .

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Distance reading :

 Distance reading

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Distance reading is about reading  without meeting a client  called  Traveling clairvoyance which includes telephone sms email chat and Webcam reading ,crystal ball reading

Plam reading:


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Plam reading is hand reading method knowing the further and present situation through lines shapes wrinkles curves but there is no need for psychic ability for plam reading



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Is consider as the number influence in human life based on numerical vaule of human date and birth. Numerology can be use in psychic abilities

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The Branch of psychic reading Psychometry is known as reading object such as car shoes  key glasses wedding ring etc and this is belived that the object hold energy of a person who carry it with him which can be investigate. This technique is useful for missing person also for  intelligence agencies.

Rune Reading:

Rune Reading

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Rune us known as ancient language or alphabet  Rune is a category of Magic spell use for diving the further change in life

Tarot Reading

Tarot Reading

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is known as ancient card reading  common psychic reading also a part of entertainment

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