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Raise your vibrational frequency

vibrational frequency

Raise your vibrational frequency

what is vibrational Frequency ?

Basically vibration Frequency is universal energy each and everything viberate in this universe all the things in

which human being surrounded are actually vibrates.

what are the impact of vibrational Frequency?

By continuously  thinking the same things or object in positive or negative and releasing the emotion whether its is positive or negative  like smiling laughing crying feeling sad irritate unhappy guilt or worrying about the further ,loss danger phobia fear aggression depression are negative vibrational frequency  and positive when you feel happy having joyful life making a lots of money having peace on beaches having love and good relationship enjoyment fearless life attracting good things towards your life it as also that your raising your vibrational frequency.

How to Raise Your Frequency and Increase Your Vibration?

breath in relax yourself inhale and exhale just relax  suppose your in holidays season and enjoying on beach with friends and family laughing entertainment fun the way you feel and explore yourself, as i joyful person you really raises your viberational frequency but the problem is not everyday you feel  this kindness feeling as this is scientific proof and quantum psychics that we are pure energy and its also prove that human body is on 6273 megahertz where its a healthy human body. But From 56 to 60 megahertz where you get disease 75 to 80 megahertz is a genius as it drops we become ill sad unhealthy and every disease has frequency and when we increase our Frequency we become healthier.The rate which vibrations move create frequency and vibrations, come from the Latin vibrations that mean shaking and this is also help to heal us also negative point can harm us Nicola Tesla who said  if you want to understand the universe this universe think in the term of energy vibration and frequency.Frequency is everything we have to learn these things we are also frequencies itself, manifested in the human foam Its Example is also like if your playing a music that sound you are listing to is creating a musical pattern. Every single day talk to yourself  in positive manner frequencies will increase your vibrations as when you speak yourself in a negative way you will decrease your frequencies down to 50 to 55.Which is really danger not good for you if you imagine that every single negative word you speak appear on your body so how irritate this thing will be ? so the words we are actually saying to our-self are actually effecting the DNA called epigenetics. Every thing we think effect our DNA and has power to change it alternate it Do not be rude towards yourself not even for other because you are creating the frequencies for that situations in which your frequencies will decrease going down to 53 megahertz that is the reason of the beginning of disease.Encourage yourself with delightful words supportive and loving words.

Repeat This Daily say i am good enough But if you say i am not good enough so yes words create realities when you believe it or not be kind to yourself in the words you use even you are speaking quietly it will effect your life, The higher your vibrational frequency The more you will able to comprise Because you are allowing the greater drifting life Force through your mind and body. Grabbing  The high vibration and radiating love that is unlimited and alots Love raises the consciousness of those who have into contact your energy field.Your emotions are biochemically feedback system your emotion are reflect to you.

Tips To Raise Your Positive Energy

Feel Good about yourself because it your biochemical induction that are on higher vibration.Meditate every day 20 to 30 min breathing or listening writing out your feeling whether is good or bad write it remove the negative one from your list.discharging your negative energies by punching the pillow or boxing bag,enjoy feel positive look may be difficult for you if your an in depression or negative emotions but it will increase your vibration to positive energy make conscious positive changes in your lifestyle beliefs fear and judgment.Music is the most important vibrational tool we use listen music When your using music your causing your own vibration to entertain with the Frequency of the music you are listing to Spend time near people,places things which are holding the higher frequency they spiritual teacher or friends it could be animals and crystal or nature is the good example holding the higher frequencies.Anythings that inspiring is going to raise your frequency so read the books that cause you feels good about your self in the movies that make you feel good and inspire to listen yo tour spiritual teachers that inspire cause your awaken your magnificence,Exercise your Psychical movement only causes energy to move through and oxygenate your Brain enjoy the every move you perform but no the heavy weight exercise be counter it will raise your frequency.Aromatherapy or color therapy as music causes you entertain with frequency of the music Aromatherapy or color therapy, what ever ingredient went into aroma or the frequency of the color that you are looking at Write in positive aspects journal of gratitude journal writing process is very good hold a High Frequency.Vibration because it effort to take the pen to paper is strengthening the vibration what ever you focus on.Look things which feel you good for example a brand new car when you look at the model and color of car you feel good.Spend Time in water example : Light is the manifestations which holds the close vibration to that pure source of energy water is secondly that its vibrations is so close to that of pure source energy that anytime you spend time in water you’r going to resonating in a very close Frequency to source itself. This why is feel good when you take a show or bath Practice random act of kindness Anytime when you are Projecting and Radiating love outwards this is one the

best thing you can do to increase your vibrations

inqury  Every questioning you do will bring higher and higher level of awareness The more you know about

yourself the more you get outside the box introspective

Laugh and Smile : Anything that you do think say or watches to be around you makes you smile and laugh

Reject negative example you cant effort that luxury is actually a negative thought


its is your choice now to assume or adopt the vibration as you own train with it wither negative or positive but

its your own choice you are the one who is ultimately increasing your vibration nothing else cause you to do

that By accepting and offering the higher frequency and then matching it you are aware and commitment of

your own personal happiness remember that your emotions are the indicator that what frequency and

vibration is so the better you the higher will be vibrations.

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