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TOP Strategies for managing stress

strategies for managing stress

Strategies for managing stress

There many strategies for managing stress  control your stress but some of it are given below which will work for you if you work it on daily basis meditate daily for focusing on object daily for 15 to 20 min and remember do not allow anything to come in your mind stop and empty your mind like a empty bowl or a cup and do practice of meditation  make sure you understand about what is emptiness of mind nothing to come you have to focus and object



  • Get enough sleep
  • Excersie regulary
  • Eat a proper diet and avoid caffeine
  • Take a hot bath or shower
  • find a project around the house that you can do from start to finish
  • close your eyes for few minutes a day and call up an image of a beautiful relaxing sence from a previous vacation or outing
  • Don’t rely on tv a tranqulizer
  • Take time for yourself everyday for non goal oriented activities

strategies for managing stress


Attitude Changes 

    • Change your expectations
    • Stop expecting to be perfect either at home or on the Job
    • Expand your support system
    • find a mentor
    • Be objective
    • Have a healthy attitude Toward you jobs


strategies for managing stress

Your attitude changes your lifestyle.


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