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SUBCONSCIOUS programming Mind

subconscious Programming

SO WE HAVE discover hows visulization works in law of attraction

but why cant everyone acheive their goals by using this techquine ? Because even if you use concentration and deep emotion it sill needs repetition.

Creating new thoughts and images  in your head require building new connections between the neurons of your brain at first these connections are weak You are cutting throught years of ingrained habitual thoughts. However the more this connection is made the strongerit gets and the visulization becomes more effective

now one of the best way to reinforce this repetition is Through subconscious programming when you are in the state it possible to communicate and program your subconscious by planting suggestion This can create automatic and dramatic changes in your thougths  behaviour actions and ultimately the result you get in life

THIS IS HOW HYPNOSIS WORK fOR example planting suggestion directly to the subconcious mind that that smoking disgusts you people who have been struggling to quit smoking for years can suddenly lose the urge after few hypnosis session (also see hypnosis pre sleep The main problem with hypnosis is that you must be in alpha state  or beyond For hypnotist suggestion to be effective .Many people struggle to quieten thier “Mind chatter” and reach these relaxed alpha levels .Many people have similar problem with meditation The research uncoverd found some revolutionary ways around this creative visulization  to tap into domain of your mind and exploring the seven dimension of your mind as a more programming you can take a look click here