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For many years the psychology field assumed it was impossible for a person to drop voluntarily down to alpha and retain conscious thinking control. Alpha is the state where your brain rhythm tends tends to “center” around 14 to 10 cycles per second (cps) and maybe even less

its was always assumed that once a person entered alpha (like the daydream state) they would be unable to dried their thoughts and probably fall asleep. This was until the Mind Research Foundation proved otherwise . They proved conclusively that people could operate consciously in alpha and retain  control of their thinking at the same time .These days there are people who can drop down to lower level of theta (3-7 cps ) and still maintain conscious control  there are even a handful of people who can drop down to mind awake body asleep in delta  !

What is happening at this level is that your conscious and your subconscious mind operating simultaneously , giving you an increase in mental capacity and opening up your 6th sense . Women tend to  use both brain hemisphere when solving problems which may give them extra intuitive capacity


it was also discovered that a person could drop to alpha with their eyes open (you do this when you daydream) which offered another major advantage for the business executive


gaining profits in business

but all intents and purposes the alpha state is considered to be similar to a light self hypnotics  at least the outcome with regard to positive and habit – transforming programming is the same

The biggest overall advantages in business of getting your right intuitive brain

fully operational, is the ability to “intuitively know” what the other person is thinking  and what there real objections are . Not thier “professed” objections but the real unspoken ones.

And it is an observable that who practice alpha/theta techniques tend to progress quickly up through the ranks all else being equal the reason  you have develop mind powers that others simply do not have


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