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Thermokinesis – Psychic Ability to Manipulate

Thermokinesis – Psychic Ability to Manipulate

Temperature with Chi Energy

Thermokinesis is the psychic ability to manipulate and change the temperature and either heat up or cool down and object with the power of your mind and chi energy from your lower dantian used in Qigong and thai chi. The psychic ability of Thermokinesis will allow you to change molecular speed and movements inside the object and thereby make it warmer. In this video, you will get three different techniques on how you can develop Thermokinesis and heat of the air, metal, and thermometer with the help of your psychic energy and chi energy of Qigong to draw chi energy to your hands. with Thermokinesis, you will be able to heat up an entire room and much more. Thermokinesis is one type of psychokinetic abilities and is also known as thermal control and thermodynamic manipulation. So learn how to develop this psychic ability and how to control your chi energy from your lower dantian.


  • May be limited to manipulating the body temperature of either oneself or others.
  • May be limited to only increasing or decreasing body temperature.
  • Extremely high or low body temperatures may be harmful to the user’s body.
  • Temperature may be regulated by temper.

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